How To Clean A Toilet With Steam

Okay, so how often is that you find yourself ready to clean your bathroom, yet hesitate because of just how gross the thought of it is? Who wants to get down on their hands and knees and scrub that nasty toilet that you’ve been procrastinating on cleaning? The answer is no one! That’s why today our video consists of an easy alternative to having to get your hands dirty. You’ll find that using a steam cleaner to clean and sanitize your toilet is an absolute breeze, and can be done in just minutes. So that means there are no more crusty sponges or old rags that you’ve had to designate for toilet cleaning only. Today that changes! What you’re going to need first is a steam cleaner, like the McCulloch MC-1275. Now let’s get to it!

The following images were taken from our YouTube video How To Clean A Toilet With Steam. Watch the full video below: 

So here is our toilet that we’ll be steam cleaning! It’s not too dirty like some of our other subjects, but we really just want to show you how steam sanitizes the entire surface of the toilet bowl. Check out how we are able to get to the hinges of the toilet with absolutely no problem at all. That’s not really something  you think about when you are cleaning with a harmful chemical cleaner and a sponge, right? With steam cleaning you can get to every bit of the toilet. Check it out:

Steam Cleaning A Toilet

So you think the hinges are a problem? Think again. The absolute most disgusting aspect of cleaning a toilet is the inside rim. I don’t even wanna think about all the gunk that gets under there. That’s why steam cleaning is awesome, you don’t have too. Just grab your angled jet nozzle and blast it all away. Once your all done, just flush it down! Have a look:


Here is a better look at what I was talking about above. Notice how easy it is to get in there and steam?

Steam Cleaning


Here’s another spot you couldn’t get with just a plain ol’ sponge or scrub-brush. These areas can get really nasty if not tended to!

Steam Cleaning Toilet Hinges


Here’s another great example of us cleaning the hinges at the rear. It literally starts to look like a brand new toilet!

Steam Cleaning


Worried about too much wiz on the toilet seat? Steam that stuff away! You will feel so much better about going to the bathroom next time knowing that it is this clean.

Steam Cleaning A Toilet Bowl

Check us out here steaming the toilet seat cover! We are hitting every part of this toilet! Notice all the steam too? It almost blurred out our camera.




So as you can see, a steam cleaner is no joke when you get down to the nitty gritty. This toilet was cleaned without having to even touch it. The only time the toilet actually was ever touched was with a rag to wipe up all the excess water that came from our steamer. If you are looking for a great steam cleaner, check out a few below!

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