McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner Review

McCulloch Steam Cleaners have become a hit since their release and there are some darn good reasons for that. The sleek and shiny black and yellow design makes you feel like you are pulling a yellow jacket wasp right out of the box, and yes, it has a very powerful sting! The company had its first start with small gas engines and chainsaws back in 1943 when it was first started. Since then, the McCulloch company has been widely known for producing powerful tools for garden and lawn care. They recently put out a line of steam cleaners that is guaranteed to impress the absolute heck out of you. For starters, the McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner: Although we have some very good reviews on other handheld steamers, the MC1230 is a true workhorse. The products are marketed to a more rugged user and are known to be extremely durable and practically last forever. If you are considering purchasing the McCulloch Mc1230 then read on, you will find some valuable facts about this product you will want to know before you buy it!

What Is the McCulloch MC1230?

The MC1230 is one of many multi-purpose steam cleaners in McCulloch’s brand new PowerSteam Series. This handheld steam cleaner uses absolutely ZERO harmful chemicals to deep cleanMcCulloch MC1230 Review like you’ve never seen before; not to mention, it packs a pretty powerful punch! The PowerSteam Series by McCulloch is becoming more and more popular among indoor and outdoor users because of it’s sleek design and ability to perform regardless of any conditions it’s put under. The MC1230 itself weighs about 3 pounds, so holding the handheld steam cleaner for long periods of time is a breeze. The most convenient feature of the MC1230 is that it includes a lockable steam trigger. Many people find that with other handheld steam cleaners they experience sore fingers from holding the trigger down for too long while they are cleaning. The McCulloch’s lockable steam trigger eliminates this problem.

You will find cleaning a wide variety of surfaces to be simple, as the MC1230 effectively sanitizes with it’s steam reaching temperatures of up to 200° and it’s water capacity is about 6 oz. The beauty of it is that you can use ordinary water and heatup time is an ultra fast 3 minutes. The max steam time of this handheld steam cleaner is approximately 10 minutes. It includes a power cord that measures 15 ft. so you will have more than enough room to move around without having to unplug your device before your job is completed. You may even find you are having to fiddle around with the cord because you have too much. This is what we call here at Steam, Clean, Renew a good problem!

What Are The Benefits?

Lightweight, Convenient, And Durable: At a light 3 pounds it is amazing how easy it is to carry and be on the go while you are cleaning. Even if you don’t want to hold the MC1230 while you are cleaning, you can use the lockable steam trigger and hose attachment to move more freely. It’s amazing indoor and outdoor usage goes as far as the imagination and if you have never used a steam cleaner before, prepare to get addicted to this handy device!

Durable 15-Foot Power Cord: Yes, you read that right. The McCulloch MC1230 boasts a 15-foot long power cord! You can easily move from place to place without ever having to unplug or turn off your steam cleaner. This is a huge convenience for people who are going for long cleaning jobs that don’t want to have to fiddle around with changing outlets and buying an extension cord for your steam cleaner.

Heat up Time: You will be off and running in just 3 minutes with the MC1230 Handheld steam cleaner. Waiting around for long periods of time is no longer necessary with these devices and the sanitizing power of steam will be at your finger tips in just 3 minutes!

McCulloch MC1230 Attachments:

  •  34″ Extension Hose: An absolutely perfect addition to the McCulloch Steam CleanerMC1230 that many other handheld steam cleaners do not have. The 34″ extension hose included in this package attaches to the end of the steam cleaner to provide even more freedom to get to those hard to reach areas.
  • 4″ Triangle Brush: A triangular attachment that can get in those difficult corners. This attachment makes for a great way to clean carpet spots or when detailing your car.
  • 3″ Scraper: With the handy scraper tool McCulloch provides, that old gum and grime in you kitchen can easily be removed with the the cutting power of the scraper and super hot steam combined.
  • 2.5″ Round Scrub Pad: A powerful tool for scrubbing just about anything. Build up in the kitchen sink can be tough to get out but with these scrub pads it is not! Be careful though as they are abrasive and could scratch some surfaces! We consider these best for only the toughest scrubbing jobs!
  • 6″x4.5″ Large Brush: This large brush is best for big cleaning jobs. Wrapping a microfiber towel around it can easily turn the McCulloch MC1230 into a ready-to-use steam mop!
  • 1.5″ Nylon Utility Brushes: If you are cleaning the grout of your tile then these are the tools for you. The nylon bristles are abrasive enough to lift dirt but not scratch that beautiful tile in your kitchen.
  • 1.5″ Brass Utility Brushes: A very abrasive tool, useful for areas like your BBQ grill, oven rack, or any other hard metal surfaces.
  • Jet Nozzle: Blast away dirt in hard to reach areas with the powerful jet nozzle! Focus the flow of steam and achieve a ‘sniper’ effect with this tool.


McCulloch MC1230 Reviews

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