How To Steam Clean A Filthy Bathtub

What happens when you fire up a McCulloch MC-1275 in the same room as a filthy bathtub? Some serious steam cleaning is what happens! We were faced with the challenge of cleaning a bathtub that had faced neglect for some time but for the MC-1275 it proved to be not much of a challenge at all! One of the many benefits of steam cleaning is the ability to remove tough stains that you couldn’t imagine to be possible without some sort of dangerous cleaning product. The steam works to get into every pore of the surface and thoroughly break up dirt and sanitize. The power of a scrub brush attachment combined with the powerful steam makes for even stronger cleaning capability that normal cleaning products and hand scrubbing just cant compete! If you’re wondering how to steam clean your filthy bathtub then keep reading…are you ready to see the power of steam cleaning?

Steam Cleaning A Filthy Bathtub

Let’s take a look at what we were working with, the following pictures were taken as screenshots from our video, to view the entire process of steam cleaning our bathtub, please click here.

Our first image is the base of the tub near the drain. This was where alot of the build up had managed to actually  damage the tub and was beyond being able to be steam cleaned and just needed repair.

Dirty Drain Ready For Steam CleaningOur Second image below is off a shelf located near the middle of this filthy bathtub. This was where soaps or shampoos were stored and as you can tell through the years of wear it had a lot of grime and gunk that needed to be steamed and sanitized.

Dirty Shelf Ready For Steam CleaningOur third image here is of the water faucet where a lot water falls down and sits only to rust and wear on the material of the bathtub. While the mineral build up on the faucet appears to be very stained on there, you will very soon see that it was no match for our steam cleaner.

Dirty Faucet Ready To Be Steam CleanedPretty gross right? The soap scum that had built up over the years had started to rot and harden onto the tub. Initially we thought the tub was going to be permanently stained to an orange-ish, ugly color. Fortunately the McCulloch MC-1275 steam cleaner proved for us that this wasn’t going to be the case. We decided to go ahead and try the green scrub brush attachment first to get the majority of the gunk off the tub. You can see what attachment we’re talking about below:

McCulloch MC-1275 Buffer AttachmentAfter we put on our buffer attachment we went ahead and filled our McCulloch MC-1275 with water and fired it up! To read more about the McCulloch MC-1275 steam cleaner please click here.

Filling The McCulloch MC-1275

For the first few minutes of steaming this bathtub we used the green buffer tool as you’ve seen above. After several minutes of scrubbing we figured out these stains were tougher then we thought and had to switch over to the brush attachment. The nylon brush to be more precise is an attachment included in the MC-1275’s attachment arsenal that is perfect for scrubbing in a situation like this.
Steam Cleaning With The Buffer Attachment

See the cleaning power of the nylon brush below. At this point lots of scrubbing with the tool was required but it was definetely getting the job done as you can see!

Steam Cleaning With The Nylon Brush AttachmentRemember that dirty shelf for holding soaps and shampoos? Look at what the powerful temperatures of the steam have done to all that gunk and grime! The steam melts away the build up and sanitizes to reveal a like new surface!

Steam Cleaning Soap Scum So after lots of steaming, sweating, and scrubbing we were pleasantly surprised to see that the MC-1275 was doing an incredible job at cleaning this bathroom. Look at this side by side comparison of our progress! Not bad huh? We were very happy with our results at this point. Our steam cleaner actually ended up doing better then we’d ever thought it could.

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning Every corner of this bathtub was steam cleaned to perfection, we didn’t miss a spot! You would be amazed at how refreshing it is to know that you are going to be taking a shower in a clean bathtub. Besides, there isn’t much use in cleaning yourself in a dirty bathtub…kind of defeats the purpose? A little bit? Lets continue.

Steam Cleaning Corner Of Bathtub

As you can see the McCulloch MC-1275 Multi-Purpose steam cleaner is no toy. Not only is this a very low priced steam cleaner, it is the only steam cleaner that will give you the most bang for you buck. Read more about the McCulloch MC-1275 Here.
Steam Cleaning Corner Of BathtubSo what do you think? Was this bathtub a match for our steam cleaner? We sure didn’t think so as we had a completely spotless bathtub within an hour or so. It wasn’t easy work to get this bathtub clean but we hope that we’ve showed you just how amazing a steam cleaner can get up tough messes like this. Steam cleaning this bathtub was just one of the many things you can do with a tool like this, stay tuned for our next video and post on steam cleaning your kitchen tile grout! If you were impressed by the way this tub was cleaned then you will be truly amazed at what a little bit of steam can do to your kitchen tile grout, so keep your eyes out for that!If you liked the above post, you may just like to watch the entire video of this bathtub being steam cleaned. Watch Below:

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