How To Steam Clean Grout

Are you here because you want to learn the most amazing method of cleaning that dirty kitchen tile grout of yours? If you’re like most people then we’re going to assume that you are just flat out tired of using chemicals and scrub brushes to restore the grout in your home. Today we will introduce you to the most eco-friendly way ever to clean your kitchen tile grout. What we are talking about is steam cleaning! With a steam cleaner you can clean anything with no harmful chemicals and no backbreaking work! The steam does all the work for you and today we are going to show you just how it does that. We used the McCulloch MC-1275 today for this demonstration so if you’d like to read more about this powerful tool please click here.  So are you ready to go along with us today for an in-depth look at what a steam cleaner can really do? If so, then keep reading and enjoy the show!

How To Steam Clean Your Grout

If you didn’t know already, grout is a porous material that like the pores on your skin, it can get filled with dirt and appear very disgusting and dirty, like in the image below. the color of that grout is actually a tan, or sandy color. You would have no idea that it was though as it appears that it is very dark, almost a black color.

That’s where the steam cleaner comes in handy, the powerful pressurized steam works its way into the pores of your kitchen tile grout and releases all the built up dirt and grime. Once the original grout is restored you can then decide to seal it with a grout sealant of your choice, but today we will just be demonstrating the MC-1275’s cleaning capability.

The following images were taken from our video on YouTube. To see the entire video in full, please click here.

So, in order to start steam cleaning our grout we had to first prep our area as seen below. Any broom or brush will do, just get the loose junk off the floor.

Sweeping Before Steam Cleaning

After you have prepped your area, go ahead and fire up your steam cleaner. The steam cleaner we are using is known as the McCulloch MC-1275. To read more about the MC-1275, please click here.

McCulloch MC-1275 Steam CleanerNow that we have fired up our steam cleaner, be sure it’s all heated up and ready to go. Once the red indicator light turns off letting you know that the steamer is ready, go ahead and grab your mop attachment and a microfiber mopping pad. If you have purchased a MC-1275 then you know that both these attachments are included. If you haven’t picked up a steamer yet, why not check out the MC-1275 on amazon? Click Here To View The MC-1275 On Amazon.

Using The MC-1275 Steam MopOur last step in preparing our surface was to steam mop it like you’ve seen above, if you’ve never used a steam mop before you would be truly amazed at how well it can clean and sanitize any surface. Once we finished steam mopping we went head and attached our nylon scrub brush attachment, check it out.

McCulloch MC-1275 Nylon Brush AttachmentNow that our nylon brush attachment is connected it is time to clean this dirty kitchen tile grout! Start at the base of each tile and work your way up the grout. Move slowly to ensure that the steam gets deep into the pores of the grout and blasts away the dirt. This is where the nylon brush attachment comes in handy. The bristles work into the pores with the steam and deep clean unlike anything else.

Steam Cleaning GroutKeep steaming away the dirt until you start to see the original color of your grout. Once you reveal its original finish move onto a different section of the tile like we did below.

Steam Cleaning GroutAre you ready to see how much dirt and grime we have managed to steam out of our grout? Check out a before shot of a towel we used to wipe up the dirt.


Now are you ready to see what that same towel looked like after one swipe? Check it out!

Towel AfterIt’s mind blowing the amount of dirt you can pick up that is just sitting in your grout. That’s the only bad thing about steam cleaning. Once you start steam cleaning you can’t stop! It can be addicting and you will be amazed at everything you can clean. Check out one finished half of a tile below, you can see the difference immediately after wiping the surface clean.

Before And After Steam CleaningWe love watching the dirt and grime built up in grout melt away. It’s amazing to watch the steam cleaner lift everything from the pores of the grout and sanitize the area. We hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to steam clean your kitchen tile and grout. Please see below to watch the entire video.

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