Steam Cleaner Do’s And Don’ts Part 1

You would think that steam cleaning is pretty straight forward. It is, but there are some important do’s and don’ts that you need to know about! There are many precautions you should take before using a steam cleaner and while the uses of steam cleaners are virtually endless, they do have their limits. Today we are going to be talking about using your steam cleaner with the utmost professionalism and care. Whether you are a professional auto detailer or a home user of a steam cleaner, this article will help even the most seasoned of users. You’re going to learn some helpful tips that we have put together thatwill save you time and money! So before you fire up that steam cleaner again keep reading the do’s and don’ts of steam cleaners.


  • do Maintain your steam cleaner by flushing the water after every use. Leaving the water in your canister steam cleaner could eventually lead to the production of mold or water spots which can interfere with the boilers ability to function. This is why you see many steam cleaner manufacturers recommending that you use distilled water for your boiler. With distilled water you greatly reduce the chances of water buildup damaging your steam cleaners boiling functions.Cleaning Products
  • dont Leave water in your steam cleaner or put in anything but water. Some people are tempted to just turn off their steam cleaners and walk away. Don’t let this happen! Like we said above this can potentially damage your steam cleaner. Remember to never add anything but water to your steam cleaner either. You sometimes hear of people adding essential oils or vinegar and then trying to vaporize these. Not only is it bad for you steam cleaner, but it can be dangerous to breathe certain vapors. Sometimes vinegar is put in the steam cleaner and left to sit for a few hours. This is typically done as a way to remove any potential buildup in your steam cleaner. This is a perfectly safe and natural option to remove buildup, but just remember to empty it after you are finished.
  • do Unplug your steam cleaner after you are done using it. Leaving your steam cleaner plugged in, even when it is not on is a big no-no. You never need someone accidentally knocking the switch on and having an active steam cleaner unattended. We know this is common sense, but you would be amazed how easy it is to forget to unplug it, especially when you are busy cleaning!unplug
  • dont Forget to let the steam pressure out after every use. Leaving the highly pressurized steam in your steam cleaner can result in serious injuries if you go to open your boiler. When you are done using your steam cleaner, empty out the pressure. Most devices come with a switch that will leave your steam cleaner running automatically so this makes it a bit easier. Don’t forget to turn the automatic steam trigger off and never leave your steam cleaner unattended.


  • do Clean to your heart’s content. You can just take a few minutes to look around our site and see that the possibilities of steam cleaning are endless. You can steam clean your entire kitchen, detail your car, clean your old shoes, and much more. Just have a look at our videos and see the possibilities. steamcleaningcarpet
  • dont Steam clean items that are prone to water or heat damage. So unless you are intentionally trying to take the wallpaper off of your home, don’t steam clean it! Use caution when steam cleaning your bed or furniture and be sure that these items have a place to dry thoroughly. Steam cleaning cloth materials is a great way to remove stains or offensive odors, but they have the tendency to develop mold. So that doesn’t happen, make sure they are dry!
  • do Make it a habit to steam clean often. You can reduce allergic reactions and bacteria that are invading your home. With the power of steam cleaning you can sanitize a wide variety of things like your kitchen, where a lot of bacteria can build up! 
  • dont Purchase a steam cleaner and never use it! For your health’s sake, make it a habit to steam clean what you can of your home often. Use your steam cleaner to kill bacteria, dust mites, and bed bugs and enjoy a more comfortable environment.
  • do Utilize the cleaning attachments. You will be amazed at how much more effective your steam cleaner will become when you use the attachments included with your steam cleaner. We personally think the nylon scrub brush tool is the most effective for cleaning almost anything. Each steam cleaner generally has unique attachments, so be sure to refer to your manual and use them!
  • dont Expect the cleaning attachments to last forever. Eventually your nylon brush will start to wither and become less useful. This is completely normal and you can generally order replacement parts from the manufacturer for a small cost.


So here you have 5 great do’s and don’ts for using your steam cleaner. If you follow these tips you can ensure a long-lasting and effective steam cleaning experience. If you are not sure about purchasing steam cleaner, check out some our or videos or steam cleaner reviews! You will be sold once you see the power of these amazing products. Stay tuned for part 2 in do’s and don’ts of steam cleaning!

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