Steam Cleaning A Dirty Clothes Dryer Lid

We can’t say it enough. Steam cleaners are the most incredible invention ever! Watching your home go from dirty to clean just using the power of steam cleaning is the most refreshing feeling ever. Completely chemical free cleaning is just minutes away when you fill up your steam cleaner with water and fire it up.

Today we cleaned up the top of a dirty clothes dryer. After some time of not being cleaned we found it the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how powerful steam cleaning is. So, join us for a few minutes of your day as we show you just what happened when this dirty clothes dryer met our piping hot steam!

The following images were taken from our YouTube video Steam Cleaning A Dirty Clothes Dryer Lid. Click that link to watch it in full or just press play below:

So, if you haven’t already, check out the video we’ve posted above. Now let’s get into what we did today.

First, our dryer. As you can see it was quite dirty on the top. This was due to the dryer being outside for some time and not being cleaned for a while either. Not to fear though, because the steam is here!

Before Steam Cleaning

Once we had our steam cleaner ready to go we went ahead and started to clean. As you’ll see below the hot temperature of the steam was really great and melting the gunk and grime. Check it out:

Steam Cleaning All The Gunk Away

For comparison purposes, we went ahead and drew a line right in the middle of the dryer to show just what we had done in just a few seconds. After wiping up the melted gunk we revealed a nice and clean dryer top as you can see below.

Halfway Done Steam CleaningAlthough it appears that the left side may still be a bit dirty, it’s actually quite clean. Due to conditions outdoors the dryer did take some damage, but what you are seeing is indeed a very clean surface. The hot temperature of the steam actually made the dryer top so hot that we were unable to touch it with our bear hands. We had no issue with this though, the hotter the better! We want our surfaces steam cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. Watch as we continue on and clean the right half of the dryer:

Almost Done Steam CleaningIsn’t that amazing? You can see all the gunk just melting away from the dryer! This is what is so fun about steam cleaning too. Just watching this stuff melt away and knowing that you are cleaning your home to perfection is a very rewarding feeling! Check out our final result here below. Take note that the dryer was in fact damaged like we said above. We definitely aren’t claiming this to be a new dryer and you can see why we aren’t trying to! But for the giant mess we had before, we think this is a great result:

Finished Steam Cleaning


So there you have it, although this is one of our smaller projects we definitely think it is one of our best demonstration as to just how powerful a steam cleaner can be when it comes to cleaning up a mess like this. Dirt and grime was caked on this thing like no other and you can see that our steam cleaner just lifted it right up. If you’re interested in the steam cleaner that used in this video please see our full review on this page:  McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Review

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