Steam Cleaning A Dirty Stove Top

We found another great opportunity to demonstrate the power of steam cleaning. A dirty stove top! It is almost impossible to keep a stove clean. With all the cooking you do on it everyday it is no wonder why. From food crumbs, spilled liquids, and cooking oils, you’d be lucky to keep your stove clean for more than a few days! With a steam cleaner you can easily keep your stove clean and sanitized any day of the week with absolutely no chemicals required. Watch as we completely renew this stove in just minutes!

The following images were taken from our YouTube video Steam Cleaning A Dirty Stove Top. Watch the full video below:

Our first step was to get rid of all the loose parts on the stove. This included the stove grills and burner caps. Check it out:


We then grabbed a microfiber towel to wipe the stove down of all the loose crumbs and grime. Microfiber towels are a great addition to steam cleaners cause they can pick up dust and moisture very effectively.



After we wiped away the crumbs, we went to work with our steam cleaner. For this particular job, we decided to use the nylon scrub brush. We use the nylon scrub brush for most steam cleaning sessions, but you may find another attachment with your steam cleaner that you prefer.


We got about halfway before we decided to pause and get a closer look at what were about to clean. As you can see below, there are several different stains that literally just get washed away. Check it out!


The stains just melt away from the hot steam. Check this next shot out as you can’t even see the stain after a few seconds. Also, take note at all the steam this thing is producing! We almost didn’t post this particular shot because of the gigantic cloud of steam that was filling the camera.


After we finished cleaning that stain up we finished the other side and had amazing results. Once again, not a single chemical was used in this process, just a bit of water and some light scrubbing as you can see in the video. And for our final result:



We hope you are all enjoying these videos demonstrating the power of a steam cleaner. We want to continue to make videos steam cleaning whatever we see necessary to show you what you are missing. If you are interested in getting a steam cleaner for yourself, head over to amazon and check some out. If you are interested in the steam cleaner used in this video, click here.


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