Steaming The Smell Out Of Old, Dirty Shoes

It’s happened to everyone. For whatever reason it may be, you take off your shoes and out comes a horrific odor that permeates the entire room and all eyes are on you. Those eyes are on you because before they looked to you,  they smelled you. Well, smelled your feet. Maybe you just got done working out, or maybe you had a long day of walking around and didn’t realize that you may actually stink. Regardless, your feet stink and so do your shoes.

What’s the solution? Well, naturally we’d expect you to take a shower or let your shoes air out for a bit. However, sometimes that is not possible. If you are on the go or just need a quick freshening up of your shoes, then keep reading. What we generally write about mainly consists of steam cleaning household appliances. These appliances range from your kitchen stove to your bathtub. With steam cleaning your options are only limited by your imagination. When you have a pair of shoes that just don’t stop stinking up the house your general idea is to spray them with some deodorizer or even just tossing them out. We think this should stop! Rather then masking the problem with cheap chemicals and wasting money. Just blast them with steam for a few seconds and totally renew them!

What Causes Shoes To Stink?

If you didn’t know it already, there are actually living bacteria that thrive off the sweat of your feet! Wanna know something else? Your feet have  more sweat glands then any other part of your body and produce up to one cup of sweat every day! This is a real fact and is actually the reason why you have those stinky shoes and feet. The heat that your feet produces combined with the insulation of a shoe provide the perfect environment for these types of bacteria to live and reproduce. The byproducts of these bacteria are what causes those pesky odors. This is where steam cleaning comes into play. By being able to kill those bacteria living in your shoes you are eliminating the major odor causing source.

So, go ahead and read on and see our solution to old,  and smelly shoes.

The following images were taken from our YouTube video Steaming The Smell Out Of Old, Dirty Shoes. Watch the full video below:

Our first step was to find the oldest, smelliest pair of shoes we could find. This was not hard and you can clearly see these were some very used shoes.

Old Pair Of Shoes

Once we had a few pairs of shoes, we went ahead and grabbed our jet nozzle attachment. The jet nozzle is a basic attachment used to connect most other brush attachments to the steam cleaner. It provides a direct blast of pressurized steam that is great for blasting away dirt and grime. Check it out:

Jet Nozzle Steam Cleaner AttachmentOnce we attached our jet nozzle we went ahead and started steaming our shoes. In our video you can see that we steamed most of our shoes for up to nearly a minute, or about 30 seconds per shoe. A general rule of thumb would be to steam each dirty shoe for at the minimum 5 seconds. Generally you will want to steam them for longer to ensure you get all of the smell out.  Look below to see us steam the shoes.

Steaming The First Pair

Don’t forget to do both shoes! Start the process by inserting the steamer nozzle to the very front of the shoe and slowly work your way to the back of it, or where the sole of your foot rests. Once you have steamed them to your liking, you can either give it the good ol’ smell test, or, just know that you have a completely refreshed shoe. Check out our other pair of sneakers:

Steaming The Second Pair

Once we finished the second pair up, we even decided to freshen up a pair of sandals.

Steaming A Pair Of Sandals


As you can see, this really is a simple solution to such a awful problem. It really is amazing to not have to just mask the odors with dangerous chemicals that stink just as bad as smelly shoes! You can easily fill up your steam cleaner, turn it on and let it do the rest of the work for you. Remember it’s the bacteria that are causing your feet to stink! The hot temperatures of the steam are wonderful for eliminating bacteria and a completely safe way to do also. If you are interested in purchasing a steam cleaner, head over to amazon and check some out!

To see the steam cleaner used in this video, click here.

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